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Ep3 1


Hello everyone,

I'm happy to meet you here for a blog - vlog on one of my favorite topics: the triads !!!

I know a lot of people are wondering: - "What's the use of the triads?"

It is true that according to the style of music we play we use more or less of the form in which I describe them.

However everyone plays triads, even without knowing it.

When you learn to play your favorite songs using chords with empty chords, you use triads.

The chord of G (G major) is a major triad, ie it consists of 3 notes (you will tell me, - "but no there are not 3 notes, I scratch the 6 strings "... In fact in this case you repeat the same notes: G (G major) from low to high is Sol Si Ré Sol Ré Sol.)

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Those who follow Guitar Vlog know how much I value triad practice. Indeed as I often say to students with the triads we have oil in the garden.

Many people tell me - "yes, but I know the triads" and when I show them what I mean by that they are often surprised.

Often people only think about tight positions without trying too hard. But a simple triad of C major (do mi sol) can be played with no less than 27 different rollovers. (see the videos of guitar Vlog)

If we consider a C we have 27 rollovers with tight and open positions.

If we consider that a C maj7 is a lower minor E triad of C, we will have to develop the triads of C and Em.

If we consider that a C6 is a triad of Am bass of do we will have to develop the triads of C and Am ...

And believe me the list is long.

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