- Why learn the name of the notes on the guitar ?

Hello everyone I'm happy to meet you here for this "thorny" subject that blocks many people on the guitar.

It is true that it is not so easy to learn the name of the notes on the guitar as on the piano.

Despite this small difficulty is by no means insurmountable, far from it.

In the video and the article below I will explain why I think it is essential to learn the name of the notes on the guitar, especially if you make improvised music.

Learn the names of notes and intervals on the guitar

First thing:

From a point of view "spotting", to start. When we listen to beginners improvise we realize that they are looking for the fundamental of the pentatonic scale on the string of E serious and they leave there and raise their range, and balance their plans bend blues ... They rise the range of history to feel the territory ...

If they knew how to locate their fundamentals elsewhere, they would get back to the music sooner. Moreover for modulations it would be much easier.

Second thing:

Think in intervals and note values. Thanks to that we are more aware of what we like. For example, I love playing 9th and 11th on minor chords 7.

As I know my notes well I know how to articulate melodically around these notes and I manage to create a style. When I learn a melody I know how to analyze the notes and intervals that compose it, so I can assimilate it and use it again. When I hear a song in any style or context I know exactly what the melody is playing and what note it is playing. So you do not even need the guitar to retain melodies, learn them, assimilate them and reuse them. When I create a piece, most of the time came to me when I did not have the guitar in my hands ... By car, shopping, running, cooking ... Thanks to this Long-term work will make the connection between the ear and the brain much easier.

Third thing:

When you have to improvise on a piece you do not know the tone, you will learn to recognize the note on which you fall if you make a random note.

I spend a lot of time playing on internet radio, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Fusion, on albums etc ... It's quite paradoxical for a person who creates backing tracks every day. But practicing my improv with another soloist gives me a lot of ideas ... And when I work purely improvisation I develop melodies as I often show you in the videos. Or I work unaccompanied either alone or with the metronome to really make sure to be solid and focused on Rhythm.

Fourth thing:

Development. If you know your notes on the neck and your intervals it will be much easier for you to develop or arrange songs, melodies or others.



Your video of the day

Visual spotting

You will still agree with me that it can be a sacred advantage to know better know his instrument.

It's true that it will allow you to play everything in every way.

The guitar is an instrument where you can play the same thing in many different ways and I find it very interesting in more than one respect!

There are so many guitarists that to stand out a little you have to find solutions.

It can also be used to release clichés from the guitar ...

Play vertically, horizontally, diagonally etc ...

To improvise with the modes also it is very useful ... Indeed when I see people who say: the position of the Ionian mode, the position of the dorian mode, the position of the Phrygian mode, the position of the mode lydien, the mode mixolydien, the aeolian mode and locrien mode ... BUT WHAT LOSS OF TIME !!! Especially when you listen to these people improvise with the modes it does not sound ...

The approach of improvisation and fashions must not be digital or technical. It has to come from a musical thought


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