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Solo Pat Metheny on a Blues Minor

Hello everyone, today we're going to work a little on a grid of a solo by Pat Metheny.

The song is called "Have you heard" and the version I found is from the video of Pat Metheny Group.

This is for me a masterful solo! A course of improvisation and good taste all by itself!

What a killing !!! Everything is magic, architecture, discourse, rhythm, style, sound ALL!

We will look together what is happening

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- Blues Guitar: Learn BB King's Lucille Solo

Hello friends, I'm happy to meet you here for this little tutorial intro Lucille intro of the big BB king.

I really think it's the typical blues solo "roots." And those who want to do without the pentatonic scale will surely agree that when a guitarist like BB king or Stevie Ray Vaughn plays the pentatonic range it hurts a lot!

It's extremely hard limit to play! Why ? Because he plays the guitar as he sings and it's very difficult to find his groove and his instinct.

I did not want to capture the song so I played it myself and it was not easy.

Indeed, it was not long before I started blues. I was rocked by my father's records, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Santana, Police, Tears for Fears, Van Halen etc ...

After that I went straight to hard rock, then progressive metal and Guitar Heroes, then Jazz Fusion and Jazz without going through the blues box.

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Riff blues funk

- Tuto Blues Funk at the Hendrix

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to play a little Funk Blues with Hendrix sauce.

It's pretty easy to play and you can easily jam with this kind of riff.

I have fun doing this kind of riff blues rock since I was very young and it seemed pretty innocuous and banal, until the day when I repeat it to test my sound and the singer told me - "Ho c 's awesome this thing ... "since I do backing tracks with (hahaha).

Gone, I explain everything in the video.

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- A plan of Mark Knofler on the pentatonic scale


I'm happy to meet you for this little tutorial of a plan from Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.

I had already done the complete tutorial of solos of Sultans of swing, I put them in link and I will do again a blog post for tablatures.

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