Solo Pat Metheny on a Blues Minor

Hello everyone, today we're going to work a little on a grid of a solo by Pat Metheny.

The song is called "Have you heard" and the version I found is from the video of Pat Metheny Group.

This is for me a masterful solo! A course of improvisation and good taste all by itself!

What a killing !!! Everything is magic, architecture, discourse, rhythm, style, sound ALL!

We will look together what is happening

Your video of the day

The grid of agreement of the minor blues


Blues cm

Pat Metheny's solo on Have you Heard

The first 4 measures


In these first 4 steps Pat Metheny simply plays the pentatonic C minor scale, and you will notice that he puts the emphasis on the beat! He plays a lot of Do's 9th: The Re ... We could work the rhythm of these 4 measures of hours !



The following 4 measurements

Watch as Pat's sentence on the bar of measure to anticipate the Fm7! Level range we are practically only on the pentatonic scale and the minor scale!

And look at the end as he anticipates the Ab7 agreement



The last 4 measures

Here we are typically in the Jazzy plane with chromaticism, notes of approaches and the Pat Metheny plan at the penultimate step.


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