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Hello everyone, I'm happy to meet you here for this new season of Guitar Vlog.

We are going to start on the hats with a video on the subject that seems to me the most important: The Rhythm.

I have seen many questions on the subject and in particular questions from people who can not play the metronome. As I say in the video, maybe they try to play too hard things at first. I do not think it is necessary to practice hard or fast things and it is much more interesting to practice BLACK! And yes, a note in time!

Some will say - "it's useless" or - "it's too easy for me" but it's not so easy, especially if the tempo is slow!

Perfect blacks that resonate until the end, synchronized to the millisecond with the "click" of the metronome, or even hide the sound of the metronome ... Believe me it is not so easy, especially if we try to keep them long ... 5 minutes of perfect blacks at 40bpm this is not within the reach of everyone.



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Improve your sense of tempo:

To be able to keep a coherence of tempo when playing alone. Make sure that the tempo does not get carried away or slow down too much.

Believe me, if you do blacks every day at 30 bpm even when you play with a drummer you will feel if he accelerates or if he slows down. (Which becomes very painful depending on the level of the drummer). You will also notice when you play duets with singers that they tend to speed up because of the management of the breathing.

Moreover this last detail could inspire you to breathe well when you play.

Improve your touch on the guitar :

Playing slowly gives you "the time" to focus on other parameters such as the attack of the pick or the pressure you exert on the string.

When I started doing this kind of exercise I really felt that my sound was better. I focused on my attack and my left hand vibrato.

In the Guitar School I really focused on Rhythm. There are several chapters that deal with this subject.

Most of the time, when people go round and round in improvisation, they do not think that they get tired of the rhythm they use in their phrasing, whatever the style of music. And when you're a guitarist and it's guitar heroes and shredders that have not dreamed we did not necessarily have the reflex to work the pace. In general this necessity comes with playing with other musicians.

When people think they have "rhythm problems", it's not inevitable. This is largely a habit and a will.

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