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Hello everyone, like every day I'm happy to find you here!

Today we are going to work on a very simple but not so easy return exercise.

When working back and forth on the guitar, the fewer notes per string, the harder it is.

That's why we will use this little plan to torment your right wrist.

From 3 chords that everybody knows: Am, F and G in bars,

we will play an arpeggio in return, while "managing" the choking of the strings.

1 note per string respecting the movement up-down-up-down-high perpetual, more on the bass strings of the guitar. They are bigger so it's even harder.

It sounds pretty simple at first, but believe me, try to hold 3 minutes without stopping ... it's HOT!

This exercise is inspired by "tumeni notes" by steve morse, moreover you will soon find the tutorial on the channel.

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Exo ar

Unless it is a compo it is unlikely that you play this kind of thing for a long time, however, by doing this kind of exercise you will improve your right hand movement and especially you learn to better manage your endurance so your breathing.

Breathe !!! it's one of the keys.

In the GUITAR SCHOOL I really treated this subject a lot!

Although I prefer to play Legato and Economy Picking, I think it's very important to "master" the round trip. This creates connections and automatisms, especially for the rhythm and the synchronization of the hands.

I invite you to read my other article on the subject


You'll play well on a small backing track

Improvise with the modes.

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Improve your technique on the guitar

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