In this article I will give you some tips to practice the guitar.

- Practice and / or play

There is a difference between playing and practicing. We can spend hours "playing" without progress or at least progress little.

Attention I do not say that we should not play, besides I often recommend to my students to practice really only if they have time: if you have 1 hour to play guitar, try to play 40 minutes and practice a concentrated 20 Minutes.

The ideal is to find a balance between playfulness and rigor.

- The rigor

When you have identified what you need to work it is already a very good sign, I would even say some of the work is done.

The first thing I would tell you is to work very slowly, even when you want to work on speed.

When you work slowly you print the correct movements in the subconscious much better, which allows you to get them out at a faster speed with a lot more perfection.

The mistake that everyone makes, including me, is to go too fast and BOOM falls into the panel. We are in a hurry, impatient, and it is quite human and we find ourselves in the case of the hare and turtle, since in the end we rework the movements.

- The rhythm, the tempo, the dynamics

Even though you work, it is essential to work in rhythm! Always place the rhythmic idea in the foreground.

Better a false note than a rhythm fault.

Boss his technique stupidly without the metronome or the drum machine is to be avoided!

We must always impose a tempo, a metric, a frame.

Try to always work in "dynamic" with nuances and accentuations unless you play in a death metal band (this is not pejorative). Generally in this style we try to have extreme regularity, just like the drummers of the genre who "tres" their bass drums.

Often when I work purely technical exercises, I try to imagine that I interpret a classic work not to fall into a pure muscle routine, so that my brain works as much or more than my fingers.

- Do not practice the guitar in front of the television !!!

Turn off this damn television! It is better that you give yourself 20 minutes of concentrated practice rather than 2 hours in front of the television.

Do not tell yourself that these are just the muscles that work. Especially not !

Your thought just as much needs to progress as your muscles do not neglect it.

- Watch you practice

When I started filming myself, there are a lot of movements that I wanted to correct.

Some seemed clumsy, others lacked fluidity.

I erased a lot of faults by looking at myself in the camera. So now I take a small mirror to look at my hands during work sessions.

This can also help you to realize that you are tense on certain passages for example, so take advantage of it to breathe better, I assure you that you will see and hear the difference.

- Give yourself goals before you start

In the guitar school I thought the videos to be interactive.

They last from 10 minutes to 1 hour and the advantage is that you have to play at the same time.

Before you start you say - "I work on this or that topic and I do it until the end"

From a psychological point of view you will have accomplished something to the end and you will have some satisfaction, like when you go for a run if you think that you will do 10 kilometers before leaving, on arrival you will be proud .

At this point we start to create a "working hygiene" and just like running, one day without working the guitar is a bad day.

After a few years, a day when you work the guitar ... it's just another day.

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