Sweeping is a guitar technique that makes it easy to play arpeggios very quickly one note per string, while it would be virtually impossible to arrive at the same speed in technique of round trip.

This technique is inspired by the technique of violin bow used especially by Paganini.

The sweeping has been popularized by people like Jason Baker, Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteem or Frank Gambale.

When I was a teenager we started listening to bands like cacophony, Malmsteem, Impilliterri and all that neoclassical wave

I remember going to a concert of Patrick Rondat at the Fnac and we asked him to transcribe the score of Barbarians and the Gates and Patrick, very kindly, we wrote it with his hand on a corner of table and we We shared it as if it were the Holy Grail. It is with this piece that I really started to do sweeping. (video tutorial)


To begin to master the Sweeping it is very important to slowly learn this method because mastering this technique can be very powerful and poorly controlled it can quickly become big no matter!

Like 90% of the guitarists I made the mistake of wanting you to go too fast apprehending this notion, result I had to rework very slowly every movement, with precision and metronome.

From a musical point of view when doing Sweeping we use the major, minor, diminished, augmented triads and arpeggios,

very inspired as I said above by Paganini virtuoso violinist and guitarist also elsewhere.

Sweeping's plans often describe harmonies that can be found in sequences and chord rates.

In the educational video of Barbarians and the Gates you can also see that I wrote the chords that correspond to the positions of triads.

So in the videos that follow I teach you how to do Sweeping on the guitar, how to master your pick, how to do the rolls of fingers, and how to go faster on the guitar.


In the sweeping plans played by the great virtuosos one often finds the same articulations and the same "keys of movements" of notes.

There is a drift of this technique that some call the "speed picking", others call it "economy picking" or "sweep picking" popularized by Frank Gambale and Yngwie Malmsteem.

This technique involves playing an odd number of notes so that the pick is in the direction in which the phrase will go

Plectrum hits down if we go up in the highs of picks upward if we go down to the bass as explained in these videos

It turns off it is interesting to know that the musicality of the technique that we use on the guitar.

In the case of Frank Gambale it is obvious that the architecture of his musical phrases depend on his work of his studies on sweeping.

We could compare that to the phrasing of Django Reinhardt who only played with two fingers.

When we get back we transcribe the sentences of Django Reinhardt we realize that the sentences are articulated so that it can play with two fingers so we can say that its musicality depends on this physical characteristic.

I think it's not easy to use sweeping in improvisation contexts.

That is, to really phrasing in a musical way what we spent hours practicing to be faster and faster.

That's why when I work Sweeping I try to apply it in musical phrases and not necessarily fast to get to have a joint is an accentuation that does not sound mechanical.


When I was a teenager I noticed that the Sweeping impressed the audience enormously.

But I did not find it difficult:

it is much easier to repeat the mechanical movements of the hours while making music and having a nice touch on the guitar as I often say.

I think this technique is all the more important to master from a rhythmic and dynamic point of view since there is no interest to browse his neck in all directions to impress people who know nothing .

When I watch some videos on the Internet I notice that some go very fast but that finally we do not hear much because of the big distortions.

I do not advise to work with the distortion because it is necessary to manage the noises due to the distortion but it is also important to work in his clear so that one hears all the notes that stand out.

Most students I have asked me to work on this technique first.

Some already know some plans but take the wrong fingerings and it is essential to have very functional fingerings when you want to practice this technique of sweeping because otherwise we are limited at a certain speed.

It is also important to minimize the movements as much as possible, keep your fingers very close to the neck, you must be as close as possible to the strings with the pick.

For my part I think the Sweeping is very complementary to the round trip. You can not do the guitar with the pick without mastering at least the round trip.

I would say that you should also use legato and hybrid Picking for possible jumps of strings etc.

There are hundreds of key moves as I explain in his videos.

The goal is to practice the maximum of movements to be in context the most reactive possible without asking questions and without being limited.

In spite of the desire of virtuosity one must always keep a search of the melodic and rhythmic sense.

Beyond all this a musical inspiration, which makes music magical.

You will find in this video of super warrior exercises to practice his movements and for those who want to go further there are in the online training many videos containing a lot of exercises to work the Sweeping.

As I often tell you it is essential to know the triads in all directions and on all groups of adjacent strings.

What is a pity is that we hear a lot of guitarist Sweeping on high-pitched strings but little on the bass strings.

This remark came to me while listening to the pianists because the pianists play triads and arpeggios in the grave register too.

I talk about it in these videos.

If you want to master the Sweeping I advise you to practice very slowly.

And especially to be relaxed when you do it.

Once you have understood the exercises on the triads I invite you to play with directly otherwise it will only be exercises throughout your life.


I meet few guitarists who really master Sweeping.

There are many movements to master according to the number of strings on which you feel it is not the same if you play on two strings three or six.

So I analyzed all the movements in his videos and I have further developed in the videos of the training.

When you understand the mechanisms I invite you to create your own exercises.

When we create an exercise half of the work is already done because we really understood what we needed to work.

In the trainings that I propose on this site I thought about all these essential movements to control.

In the videos in which I work with you, you will have every possible movement imaginable with Sweeping on any number of chords.

It was when I created this training that I really took a new course on speed.

And I notice that the more I work slowly the more work pays.

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