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- Tuto Guitare Blues Groove rythmique

Hello everyone and welcome to this article,

I'm happy to meet you here. I thought it would be really cool to do a little animation around my YouTube channel.

The principle is simple, you learn the main riff, you fuse and post it on your social networks with Hashtag #lebluesdespotes.

It's a style of blues in A minor with some small variations, questions, answers, double stop, hammer on and pulling off, appoggiaturas ...

I tried to find a bluesy original riff in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You will find below the link of the lesson and the backing track that I made with.

We'll see that together.

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The backing track

the full tablature


The first part

When we learn the main riff we have 2/3 at all.

Everything is built on the pentatonic scale, we will use a little rhythmic gimmick that asks a question, and then we have the answer with little sentences using double - stop.

I really tried to play it a little at Stevie Ray Vaughan, a little "dirty". The major difficulty is the three sextolets and the appogiature of the 7th box to the 5th box (from re to mid).

The other difficulty is to link "the question" and "the answer".

The picks are optional, but I advise you to play them in the right direction.

These first 4 measures are in Am.


Part 2

We play exactly the same riff in Dm except the second answer which anticipates the return of the Am.


Third part

Instead of the V degree we will play F79 by making a small riff typed James Brown using the 13th of the agreement.

Then we chained on an E7 # 9 (the Hendrix accord) and we will play 5 crooked a bit quirky and crescendo then a sentence that will start on the mishap of the 3rd time by making 3 sextolets. We link with our appogiature from mid to d, then we recover the pentatonic range of Am.

On the last measure we replay E7 # 9 with the set dotted pitch - double note connected to eighth - and eighth hook tied to black. And on the mishap of the 4th 2 semiquavers in host notes to revive the groove.


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